Mind & Corazon Creative

Mind & Corazon Creative’s name comes from the idea of creating artwork that is smart but made con todo corazon (with a lot of heart). Translating feelings like pride, love and admiration into a visual form that you can wear, gift and show off!

Mind & Corazon Creative is a multi dimensional creative studio that helps bring to life the ideas of other small business owners & individuals alike.

Diana Yvette Sanchez

I'm a Mexican-American artist known for artwork that celebrates Latinx culture and being a woman of color. Being able to translate feelings into a visual form helps me connect with others that share some of the same experiences and passions. For as long as I can remember, creating has been a big part of how I interact with the world.

Through the years my medium of choice has shifted from photography to graphic design and illustration but my inspirations have always been my loved ones, my culture and the experiences that light me up a little bit inside!

My work is fun and fresh but can also be very meaningful. Cute, a little edgy and with a lot of heart. Con corazon! I think art is always a little piece of the creators themselves so you’ll see all the things I personally love in my work. Being the oldest daughter of a traditional household I did sometimes have to deal with the double standards of being a woman. Fighting against the unwritten rules my whole life have made me a feminist and definitely add a component of that to everything I make.

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